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Lack of career development and advancement is the #1 reason your leaders will leave.

We help you keep and grow your best leaders.

60% of leaders never complete any formal leadership training.
Yet these same leaders drive 80% of your strategy execution, innovation, and change.

Your high-performers, managers, and directors–your critical middle–alongside your senior leaders and executives, are pivotal to your organization’s success. That’s why we call them Core Leaders—they’re at the core of your most important initiatives.

We help you strengthen your Core Leaders through cohort-based leadership training programs, leadership skills workshops, 1:1 coaching, and custom learning experiences.

Our Solutions

Most Comprehensive

Core Leadership Program

In our flagship 3-session program, participants learn practical leadership skills for today’s complex environment: how to be more effective collaborators, more critical and creative thinkers, and more agile and curious leaders.



Our 1 to 2-day instructor-led (in-person or virtual) workshops build targeted skills using interactive and engaging learning techniques. Each workshop relies on the proven power of peer learning through a series of partner and group activities.


Core Leader

Our Core Leader Coaching Program delivers 1:1 coaching personalized to the goals of the coachee. Our Core Leader approach uses questioning and self-discovery techniques focused on mindset over skill development, with an eye to long-term growth.



Whether it’s building confidence in using AI technology, exploring ways to work more efficiently, or designing a pioneering AI strategy—we have a solution. Our suite of solutions help your organization navigate the exciting, yet uncertain future of AI.


Speaking Engagements

Whether a webinar or a keynote at your event, our expert facilitators are also expert speakers (in-person or virtually) on a wide variety of leadership topics, including: networking, change leadership, influence and persuasion, inclusive decision-making, resilience, and curiosity.

Facilitation and Moderation

In the classroom, from the stage, or in the boardroom, our facilitators are highly skilled at facilitating conversations between leaders. If you have custom facilitation or panel moderation needs, we’d love to bring our skills and experience to your organization’s next event.

Instructional Design

We’ve applied our deep experience in adult learning and instructional design to build our own learning programs that truly change leader behaviors. But we don’t teach everything. If you have custom learning needs, we’d love to explore if our instructional design services can help your organization.

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We are Leadership & Co.

Founded by leaders and faculty of CEB and Gartner’s Leadership Academies, we’ve worked with leading organizations around the world.

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