Your leaders are critical to your organization’s success.

80% of your organization’s goals rely on your middle managers—your core—for success.

60% of your core will never receive formal leadership training.

Strengthen Your Core

Strengthen your core by investing

in your “critical middle.”

From high-performers to senior managers and directors, your middle managers are pivotal to the success of any strategy or change initiative. Yet this critical band of leaders—your critical middle—is often neglected in learning and development programs. Our mission is to help you strengthen your critical middle through cohort-based leadership development programs, leadership skills workshops, and 1:1 leadership coaching.

Core Leadership Program

In our flagship 3-session program, participants learn practical leadership skills for today’s complex environment: how to be more effective collaborators, more critical and creative thinkers, and more agile and curious leaders.

Led by our expert instructors—in person or innovatively adapted to a virtual environment—learners builds critical skills and develop new mindsets in a cohort of peers over 6-9 months.

Core+ Leadership Workshops

Our 1 to 2-day instructor-led (virtual or in-person) workshops build targeted skills using interactive and engaging learning techniques. Each workshop relies on the proven power of peer learning through a series of partner and group activities.

Core Leader Coaching

Our Core Leader Coaching Program delivers 1:1 coaching personalized to the goals of the coachee. Our Core LeaderTM approach relies heavily on questioning and self-discovery techniques focused on mindset over skill set development, with an eye to long-term growth.

We are Leadership & Co.

Founded by former leaders and faculty from CEB Leadership Academies, we’ve worked with many of the world’s leading organizations, including 70% of the Global 2000 and 80% of the Fortune 1000.




Net Promoter

Our faculty has consistently scored in the 90th percentile for leadership programs, corporate universities, and executive education programs.*

*as measured by Metrics That Matter (a leading learning analytics provider).