Additional Offerings

Grow your leaders through our other leadership development solutions.

Core Leader Coaching

Our Core Leader Coaching Program delivers 1:1 coaching personalized to the goals of the coachee. Our Core Leader approach uses questioning and self-discovery techniques focused on mindset over skill set development, with an eye to long-term growth. We coach in two ways:
  • Standalone Coaching Solution

    As a standalone offering, we provide 1:1 virtual coaching sessions to as many coachees as you have identified for growth.

  • Supplement to Core Leadership Program

    As a part of a Core Leadership Program experience, we provide participants with additional development support to supplement their classroom learning. We provide 1:1 virtual coaching sessions aligned to the coachee’s goals and supported by skills and concepts learned in the Program.

Other Services


Whether a webinar or a keynote at your event, our expert facilitators are also expert speakers (in-person or virtually) on a wide variety of leadership topics, including: networking, change leadership, influence and persuasion, inclusive decision-making, resilience, and curiosity.

Facilitation and Moderation

In the classroom, from the stage, or in the boardroom, our facilitators are highly skilled at facilitating conversations between leaders. If you have custom facilitation or panel moderation needs, we’d love to bring our skills and experience to your organization’s next event.


We’ve applied our deep experience in adult learning and instructional design to build our own learning programs that truly change leader behaviors. But we don’t teach everything. If you have custom learning needs, we’d love to explore if our instructional design services can help your organization.

​​Why Leadership & Co.?

​​We’re experts in adult learning, understand behavior change, and have helped organizations navigate big transformations.

Learning Experts
for All Levels

Our facilitators, advisors, and instructional designers have decades of experience designing and delivering world-class learning programs for leaders of all levels.

​​Behavior Change

​​We believe effective leadership development creates new behaviors in leaders. That's why our solutions target practical leadership skills with a focus on real-world application.

​​Business Transformation Experience

From leadership transitions and organizational restructuring to digital transformation and getting AI-Ready, we’ve helped leadership teams navigate vast and diverse organizational challenges through skill development.

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