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We’re proud to work with these exceptional collaborators and partners.

At Empowering Partners, LLC, we work with organizations and their leaders who want to be confident communicators so that they can attract, retain, and promote diverse talent.
The Virtual Hive is committed to delivering powerful virtual events you can be proud of! Feel confident knowing you have a skilled Virtual Producer at your side ensuring a smooth online operation and orchestrating a professional, engaging atmosphere.
Leadership & Co. uses Rise Up to provide virtual learning support to our participants. Rise Up’s LXP/LMS helps organizations and training providers accelerate their time-to-skill by providing relevant learning experiences at the point of need, with our tailored LearningOps™ customer service here to support.
Whether businesses aim to unlock AI’s immense potential, establish a firm digital-first approach, craft a thoughtful AI manifesto and playbook, or initiate transformative leadership programs, Endeavor Intelligence’s commitment remains: to empower each business with the knowledge, guidance, and results it deserves, to succeed with AI.
The LPI’s mission is to promote, empower and support best practice in workplace learning, giving particular focus to learning efficacy – the demonstrable impact of learning on individual and organisational performance.
Stuck navigating the executive labyrinth? The Kanthal Group offers personalized 1×1, and group, executive coaching, empowering you to lead with clarity, confidence, and impact. Leverage Darren Kanthal’s 20+ years of HR expertise to live up to your standards and guide your team towards extraordinary results.
Justine is an educator who through her storytelling, humor, and passion inspires her clients to create real and lasting change in their lives at home and at work. She is gifted in teaching her courageous resilience work to audiences who are ready to learn how to create real and sustainable change in their teams and cultures. In addition to her own content and consulting, Justine is a certified Brené Brown Dare to LeadTM facilitator.
Leadership & Co. uses Accredible’s digital credentialing program to streamline creating, issuing, managing, and verifying online certificates and badges for our programs.
JMS Creative Leadership Solutions is dedicated to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential through the profound understanding of EQ—emotional intelligence. JMS specializes in providing modern-day and innovative approaches to leadership development and talent management helping individuals leverage their emotional intelligence to be emotionally brilliant everyday!
Leadership & Co uses Rivetry Design Studio to support their website. Rivetry specializes in helping businesses and organizations with complex services, products and programs build and maintain engaging and cohesive visual identities across their brand, with a focus on building digital experiences.

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