Core Leadership Program

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Equip Your Core Leaders to Lead

In our flagship 3-session program, participants build practical leadership skills in a cohort of peers led by an expert instructor (in person or virtual). Participants grow their influence by learning how to network purposefully, collaborate effectively, think critically and creatively, and lead with agility and resilience. Completed over 6-9 months, participants have the space to reflect, practice, and build confidence to lead with their new skill sets and mindsets.

of Core Leadership Program graduates report leading differently across all 29 Core Leader behaviors.
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Measure What Matters:
New Behaviors

The most effective measure of a successful leadership development investment is new behaviors in your leaders. That’s why we developed our Behavior Change IndexTM. It tracks 29 distinct Core Leader behaviors throughout the Program and measures to what extent participants are leading differently.


Core Leadership Program

3 critical competencies. 3 engaging sessions. 1 impactful experience.

Session 1


Don’t just meet.

Increase diversity of your network and improve relationships to source better information and make better decisions.

With Purpose

Broaden your perspectives, combat thinking bias, and set yourself up for professional success.

Inquiring With Curious Questions

Create more insightful conversations by asking more Curious Questions and using Objective Listening behaviors.

Flexing Your Communication

Improve relationships
by understanding Communication Styles
and flexing how you communicate.

Exploring Diverse Perspectives

Conduct more inclusive meetings, explore diverse ideas, and make better decisions through Parallel Thinking.

Session 2


Don’t just think.

Create innovative solutions that solve complex business problems, advance strategy, and drive growth.

to Strategy

Align your team’s decisions to your organization’s strategic priorities by translating strategy to execution.

Diagnosing Business Problems

Address root causes, not just symptoms, of problems by using a holistic approach to problem solving.

Scanning Your Environment

Surface opportunities and proactively mitigate risk by scanning for changes in your business environment.

Fostering Innovative Thinking

Generate innovative solutions that challenge the status quo by using creative thinking tools and techniques.

Session 3


Don’t just talk.

Influence decisions and lead meaningful change by crafting powerful messages that appeal to hearts and minds.

Influencing to
Drive Action

Persuade your audience to act by strategically using proven influencing techniques from social psychology.

Leading in

Build agility and resilience in an environment of constant change by managing barriers and behaviors.

Crafting Powerful Messages

Inspire your audience to act by crafting and presenting messages that are engaging and memorable.

Teaching Is Leading (Capstone)

Practice applying your collaboration, innovation, and persuasion skills in a practical, interactive learning experience.

Curiosity is the hallmark of effective collaborators, innovators, and persuaders. ​​
​​Throughout the Program, participants cultivate a Curious MindsetTM—a determined drive to seek new ways of thinking, challenge assumptions, and become a relentless learner.

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"The Core Leadership Program was rigorous and touched every aspect of leadership/growth related challenges one may face and provided tools to navigate them. I’m glad I’ve had a chance to network with my fellow leaders."

Neha Verma, Kaiser Permanente

We make learning stick through Connective Learning,
our proprietary approach to leadership development:

Practical Application

Participants apply what they’re learning to real work in real-time and learning is reinforced through our virtual platform, MyCoach.

Peer Learning

Participants discuss, practice, and share with a team of 4-6 peers as well as a Peer Coach, providing a safe discussion space and an accountability partner.

Manager Support

Managers of participants are invited to select events, sent updates via email, and provided with Manager Coaching Guides to help kick start conversations with participants.

​​Digital Credentials, Powered by Accredible

​​We partner with Accredible to issue authenticated digital credentials—certificates of completion and badges—for our programs.

​​ ​​Digital credentials are a tangible way to acknowledge learning achievements that graduates can share on social media. By showcasing their learning achievements, graduates improve their personal and professional brand while demonstrating how your organization prioritizes learning and development. That’s not only great for your organization’s brand—it’s really attractive to prospective employees.

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