Core+ Workshops

Impactful skill-based learning in a digestible format.

Our Core+ Workshops are engaging half-day, 1-day, and 2-day learning experiences designed to help participants build critical skills and develop new mindsets.

Delivered as a standalone learning experience or as a supplement to your own offerings, each Core+ Workshop is facilitated by an expert instructor focused on practical application and peer learning.

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Creating Productive Exchange

Don’t just interact. ENGAGE.

Engage with colleagues productively to deliver honest feedback with empathy, receive feedback with genuine curiosity, and navigate conflict courageously.

Part 1 (AM): Providing Feedback Productively

Part 2 (PM): Navigating Conflict Courageously

Leading in Change

Don’t just survive. THRIVE.

Proactively scan for change, manage your response to it, and powerfully communicate purpose to help others build resilience and thrive amidst constant change.

Part 1 (AM): Leading in Change

Part 2 (PM): Change Agility Simulation


Designing Innovative Solutions

Don’t just solve. INNOVATE.

Find innovative solutions by focusing on the right problems, identifying root causes, and thinking creatively about ideas your competitors haven’t.

Part 1 (AM): Diagnosing Business Problems

Part 2 (PM): Fostering Innovative Thinking

Building a Powerful Network

Don’t just connect. NETWORK.

Build a diverse and strong network to ensure personal, operational, and strategic success, and rely on those connections for diverse perspectives that challenge bias.

Part 1 (AM): Networking with Purpose

Part 2 (PM): Exploring Diverse Perspectives

Coaching for Impact

Don’t just manage. COACH.

Empower individual team members to self-discover solutions by adapting your style and using the power of questioning and the art of listening.

Part 1 (AM): Flexing Your Communication

Part 2 (PM): Coaching for Individual Growth


Cultivating a Curious Mindset

Don’t just inquire. BE CURIOUS.

Harness the power of your innate curiosity to inquire more deeply, think more critically, and create more prolifically.

Part 1 (AM): Rediscovering Your Curiosity

Part 2 (PM): Channeling Your Curiosity In the Workplace

​​Building an AI-Ready Organization

​​Craft your organization’s AI strategic direction and learn how to build and lead an AI-ready workforce (for executives and senior leadership teams).

Part 1 (AM): ​​Understand the Business Case for AI

Part 2 (PM): ​​Build an AI Strategy and Roadmap


​​Becoming an AI-Ready Leader

​​Develop a digital vocabulary and learn about AI’s capabilities and tools. Learning alongside peers, explore how AI will change the way you work and lead.

Part 1 (AM): ​ Learn What You Really Need to Know About AI

Part 2 (PM): Brainstorm Use Cases for AI

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