Building Leaders Who Thrive in an Era of Disruption

What if I said your 2019 leader development plans ignore the greatest predictor of leader effectiveness? Would you be curious to hear more?

If you’re curious, that’s a good sign. Because it turns out that curiosity–the mindset that prompts us to explore–is a crucial predictor of whether someone will be an effective leader, particularly in today’s turbulent environment of disruption and change.

Research shows that leaders with higher levels of curiosity:

  • Collaborate and influence more effectively

  • Have a more strategic orientation

  • Experience fewer decision-making errors

  • Are more innovative

  • Lead teams more effectively in times of change

More a state than a trait

Interestingly, curiosity is innate within all of us. But it dims over time. The longer we’re in a job, the less curious we become due to pressures of short-term performance goals, frequent rejection of creative ideas, and prioritization of efficiency over exploration. Bias starts to creep in as we remain in our silos, reinforcing existing mindsets.

Exploration decreases.

Important questions remain unasked.

The status quo goes unchallenged.

And that’s where we come in.

Curious leaders explore; curious organizations innovate

Introducing Leadership & Company, a global company founded by folks who are curious and passionate about leadership development.

We exist to cultivate the innate curiosity in leaders and improve their performance and impact on the business. We accomplish this through our Core Leadership Program using a practical framework of curious exploration. Participants learn proven questions, tools, and approaches to expand their perspective, focus on what is most critical, and drive others to action. Developed by former leaders and faculty from CEB Leadership Academies, the program is shaped by our experiences working with 70% of the Global 2000 and 80% of the Fortune 1000 over the past decade.

We’re excited about this new adventure, and grateful for the opportunity to continue delivering career-defining learning experiences to prepare leaders for what’s next.

We invite you to:

Here’s to being more curious in 2019!


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